World’s Longest Lasting LED Light Bulb!

  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Superior Quality
  • Competitive Prices
  • Lease-To-Own Financing
  • 100% Environmentally Friendly
  • Up to 21-Year Warranty
  • The Most Energy Efficient LED Bulb, Guaranteed
  • Lower power bills and reduced heat


We are an authorized distributor and seller of "US Lighting Group" products. US Lighting Group manufactures a new and innovative brand of LED lighting that is much more energy efficient than other LED lights on the market. Our products are made for use in commercial buildings. Unlike other manufacturers, our lights are guaranteed for up to 21 years.


  • Immediate reduction in lighting bill up to 70%
  • No yearly bulb and ballast replacements
  • Ecologically friendly and recyclable: No mercury or hazardous chemicals to dispose!
  • Durable and rugged, resistant to external impacts
  • Virtually no heat and UV emissions



Applications for LED light bulbs: board rooms, stores, hospitals, office spaces, gymnasiums, warehouses, factories, schools, greenhouses, etc.

Competitive Advantages

Unlike some competitors who claim “Made in the USA” but only assemble in the States, our bulbs are created start to finish in our headquarters in Eastlake, OH, on our high-speed Automated Robotic SMT assembly line.

Our durable constructed lights don’t use internal transformers and have the most energy-efficient patent-pending LED drive circuitry in the industry.

Our bulbs are back by up to a solid 21-year warranty, providing guaranteed security on your investment.

Our patent-pending technology lowers manufacturing costs by eliminating many electronic components used in traditional LED power supplies.

Our products are eligible for financing and qualify for regional and national rebates and tax incentives, providing immediate cost savings.